Thursday, February 27, 2014

Vallecito History A History of Vallecito, California since 1848

 Thanks to Harvey Williams I have in my temporary possession a book Titled: Vallecito History A History of Vallecito, California since 1848.  The book is about 100 pages and has quite a few pages with pictures and references to the Saunders family.  Unfortunately no pictures of Moses Saunders (my 2nd Great Grandfather) yet. As I am learning it's all about the hunt!

This excerpt is from page 1  
 This one paragraph has already left me with questions which I'll share in my next post.

This book was created by the Fourth Grade Class 1973-74 of Vallecito School as a school project.
Thank You Vallecito Class of 1973-74

Thanks for sharing your time with me!



  1. Susan, I'm so glad you were able to get a copy of that book. And how exciting to find information on your second great grandfather right there! You're right: it's all about the hunt--but that's what makes it so fun!

    Best wishes as you keep searching. Sounds like there are many trips to Vallecito in your future...

  2. Fantastic! But I beg for more info, of course. Where is Vallecitos? And do you have a map showing the property he bought? Way to go.

    1. Hi Beth! So glad you commented! I enjoy your facebook posts and hearing about your adventures! Vallecito is just east of Angels Camp on Hwy 4. In its hay day there were thousands of people in the area, but on the last census was just under 450 peeps lived there. I don't have a map of the property Mose original purchased but it's on my to do list along with some property in Chinese Camp I need to nail down. The two towns are just 40 miles from each other.

      We were in Vallecito a few years ago and met a distant relative. I need to reach out to her, again on my to do list. Vallecito is so small that when we were there to locate the cemetery we stopped and ask directions and mentioned the family name and was told just drive down the street and take turn or two and we find a house owned by a Saunders family. And son of a gun if they were in the front doing yard work. They were very nice, but as I recall not into family history or genealogy but I’m sure I can still learn a lot from her.
      You’ll be hearing more as I find time to share!

      Thanks for reaching out!

  3. Oh, OK. I read your reply to Beth's comment and that answered my question, which was: "Who are these Saunders people who still own property there today?" Distant relatives, I guess... some anthropologists say that we're not less that 12th or 13th cousins to anyone in the world. I'm not sure how that works... I think it has to do with "removal"-- in other words, we can be 12th cousin at the, say, 100th removal level... but certainly these Saunders are much closer than that! ; )

  4. Hi Martha, I think we are looking at 4th or 5th cousins here. It's interesting on how in the big picture we are ALL so closely connected if we are no less then 12/13th cousin to anyone. On a separate note I had lunch with cousin Suzie recently and she gave me the blessing to use the info I have from unk Howard on my blog. Note sure when I'll get to this but it's definitely on my list as well as my Moms side (and that's a twofer as she was adopted). Please let me know if you have plans on coming to CA as I'd love to connect up. ~Love always

    ps~ I met Beth thru Vic/Ellen as I was hunting down information on some pictures I had on the Wright family a few years back. You two may of met at some point.