Sunday, April 6, 2014

Trying to get organized and the treasure I found along the way

I’ve been on vacation for the last week and was determined to spend time organizing some of last of my family stuff. So here it is Sunday and I am trying to cross this off my to do list!   I’ve had these items semi-sorted by person in Christmas bags for the last few months. These bags have been sitting on a table in my office so I would be motivated to keep going, but instead they just sat there made me feel guilty and who wants that!

Now I  only have 2 bags left (granted they are the two with the most stuff in them, but hey whatever works J.

four bags done

only 2 bags left!


I know you’re not really interested in how I basically moved my piles around into smaller more (hopefully) organized piles.  But at the end of the day that’s basically what I did.  But I must say I feel better and this stuff can now quietly wait for me in a dresser drawer I cleared out just for this purpose.   

my new drawer :-)

I ran across a lot great stuff today but here is what I wanted to share with you today. Two confederate bills! They were/are still folded into small squares inside an envelope.  They are not in great shape, but still pretty neat. I will need to get the protective plastic sheets they make for this type of money and I'll need someone to confirm they are the real deal.
I don’t know who they belonged to other then they were saved by my Great Aunt Addie Muri.
Click here to check a website called the: The Rebel States Currency. Its has good information and pictures of  Confederate Currency.

Thanks for sharing your time with me!



  1. Baby steps girl, baby steps! Welcome home!

  2. What an exciting find, Susan! Hope you can figure out how your great aunt got those bills. There's got to be a story behind this!

  3. Hi Sheri, sometimes it's 2 baby steps forward and sometimes 2 steps backwards. :-)